Round Shaped.
I'm a 20 year old, femmina.
That's all.
Look who greeting me good morning earlier, today. :D

tummy tuesday!
Oooh, get it, Kim!! 
Volleyball practice

Was awesomeeeeeee….

You will never know
how deep my love for you runs,
how far it travels.
Ahha. Oh, please. He knows he sexy. 
One of my biggest pet peeves…


is when someone tells me to calm down/relax when I’m not even upset. That actually makes me more upset than I was in the first place! Arrgg one of my friends told me to relax tonight and I told her it was one of my biggest pet peeves so she proceeded to repeat “relax relax relax” like 10 times…. 

Exactly, me, me, me!!
The only reason why I’m mad is ‘cause you’re saying that I’m mad and I should chill…
Just… Don’t. >.< 



Haha. xDD
Soooo, pickles!Also, good morning. :)  
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